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Tell Me Their Most Romantic Moment

His Gentle what the Ladies from my website survey want the most, her mans gentle touch, a gentlemanly gesture, sweet nothing's spoken softly in her ear.....

Before I go any further, I want to thank each wonderful lady for sharing these moments with me. It is my hope that my readers will be inspired to create similar memories for that special person in their lives.

One of the most romantic entries from my website was this young lady from Arizona....she spoke of her precious love and devotion she shared with her man for many years, he was the only man she ever really loved, he passed away Dec. 05, 2003. She spoke of how she felt during this time away from him and how no man in todays world offered to show her, that there are still gentlemen that truely understand and feel with their hearts, and know how to treat a real Lady. I listened to her with Familiarity in her voice as if we had known each other for many years.

With heart felt emotions she continued to share with me her feelings. He was my Gentleman, caring, warm, knew just what she wanted and knew how to show his affection in the most sweetest of ways.

Recently with no thoughts of ever feeling that her heart would heal, she met a real gentleman, now with her, his touch is healing her tender heart. I speak of men becoming true gentlemen and what techniques you will learn after purchasing my success guide. Here's To My Lady.

Carrie Hart
Phoenix, Arizona

Another very romantic moment.......

These letters tell us that we men have to remember to create surprises that keep the relationship fresh and keep intitiating those special romantic moments that our Ladies will always cherish.

  • He picked me up at the airport in a limo, had champagne waiting on ice, then instead of going to his house, he whisked me off to a hotel. In our hotel room, he had purchased at least 20 candles and had them all lit and the lights off. Candles surrounded the bath and he had brought a CD player with light JAZZ playing. The rest is, as they your business!
  • Read how this couple met in college and had not visited each other for months and when he surprisingly showed up on her door step, standing there holding......
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