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It seems that no one today is teaching men how to be chivalrous. Here's your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about this fine art. You'll find tips on polishing your grammar, hygiene, and general appearance. Yet this chapter is more about creating an attitude of thoughtfulness and helpfulness than learning to use the right fork. To start learning now, read the sample page below.

Chapter 7


I personally believe in the old ways. For one thing, all of the old rules were based on common sense. As an example, in my earlier dating years and still today, I always escorted my date home to her door. Even though it's not always safe for a woman to be out alone at night, this rule has gone out of style. But this is one way I stand out from most men; I don't care what anyone else does: No matter then type of relationship, I've always escorted a woman to her door and made sure she was safely inside.

You see, I enjoy practicing chivalry toward women. I believe men should do the heavy work, open doors for women, and treat women with small special courtesies. I personally enjoy doing these things, because I like to put my lady on a pedestal. I think the old ways were better in that women were better treated by past generations of men. For one thing, there were fewer abusive relationships and less physical violence. I also happen to believe that the old, courtly ways are fun and sexy.

The following "old rules" of etiquette are sure to impress any woman:

In Restaurants...

  • A gentleman should wear a jacket when he takes his lady to a restaurant. Nice attire helps make the occasion special.
  • When you go to a restaurant, there is often a host or hostess. If so, you'll be required to ask for a table. Just say, "A table for two, please."
  • When you get to your table, if the host doesn't pull out the chair for your lady, then you should do that. Allow her to sit down, and then push her chair to a comfortable spot before taking your seat.
  • You should ask to assist your lady if she's wearing a jacket, a wrap, a coat or any outer garment and wants to remove it. If there's a place to hang her wrap, do so. Otherwise, put it over the back of her chair. When it's time to leave, assist her with...

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