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How to Create a Romance for Your Lady . . . Your lady is different from every other woman in the world. Unlike most men, women not only want romance, they need it. Therefore, your romance strategies have to be unique. You’ll learn how to respond to her cues, give compliments, plan romantic evenings, and make small gestures that will make her feel loved. Men should take the lead, plan dates, and pay a lady’s way, and you’ll find out why and how in this chapter. Learn how to plan a special treat for your lady by reading the sample page below.

Plan, Plan, Plan . . .


When she says “Yes” to your invitation for a date, make her day a day to remember. (Or, if this is a lunch date, remember that she likely only has an hour, so plan accordingly.)

Here are some ideas:

  • Plan a picnic for two in a secluded spot that includes all the trimmings (like a basket-type picnic): plastic dishes, tablecloth, candles, some flowers, wine or champagne, and appropriate foods you’ll both enjoy. (Be sure to check or know if there are any foods she’s allergic to.)
    A picnic is an especially great idea for a lunch date. Or, you can do this on a day off, or during a weekend getaway—some special place for just the two of you. You can also have a picnic on the floor in the bedroom, or in the yard. It can be extremely romantic on the beach. If she works where you can do this near her job, get your car as close to the job as possible, and tell her you’re taking her out to lunch. Invite her into your car and have a nice, small, spread of things you both can enjoy.
  • Plan a boat ride, a ferry ride, or a horse-and-carriage ride.
  • A bicycle built for two is a wonderful, fun thing to do, too.
  • If you live in an area where you have gondolas, plan that for the day. Some of them have a package that includes the ride as well as wine, bread and cheese.
  • Take a night walk on the beach, or a walk in the woods, or a spontaneous night walk in an area where there are some store windows she might enjoy, then stop at a coffee shop for a special coffee or perhaps some ice cream at an ice cream shop, and engage in some light, humorous conversation.
  • You might consider a long, scenic drive. If you’re near the ocean, drive to the beach and stop to walk or sit to watch the sun go down while enjoying the sounds of the waves and the fresh smell of the ocean air.

No matter what gesture you end up deciding on, don’t forget to greet her with a flower. A single rose or a gardenia is very nice when she opens the door to you at her home, or when you open the car door for her and it’s lying on the seat of the car with a note attached that simply says “I’m for you.” If your plan is a lunch date, this will also give her something to take back into her workplace and brag to all her friends that she’s just spent time with a real gentleman!

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