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How to Meet the Lady of Your Dreams . . . Think it’s hard to meet decent women? Think again. Here, you’ll learn the secrets of a slow and gentle approach to meeting women at bus stops, grocery stores, churches, cybercafés, gyms and any number of places, as well as the usual cocktail parties, college classes and your neighborhood bar. You’ll learn how to make a woman feel open to dating you from the first time you meet her. You’ll also learn how to be selective: to improve your chances of meeting a woman whose healthy self-esteem will make her a great partner. This chapter also gives tips about meeting and dating women in the workplace (which can be tricky) and through personal ads on the Internet and in newspapers. To begin finding your special lady now, read the sample page below.

First Things First (Chapter 2


My first rule is: A gentleman does not have an agenda. That is always a problem. You offer to help a lady with her packages or give up your public transportation seat to her not because you want to hit on her, but because it is the right and polite thing to do. You make the chivalrous gesture, and let it go.

If you do something nice for her without expecting anything in return, one of two things will happen: She will rebuff your friendly gesture, or warm up to you because of it.

If she says something you might consider rude, like, "I can open my own doors, thank you!" then you'll know she isn't someone who appreciates or wants gentlemanly behavior. (In my opinion, you've just met someone who needs to be educated too.) You should never return her rude response. But you can reply honestly and gently, "Please allow me!" accompanied by a smile. When you say this, there's always the possibility that she'll say no again. But most important, don't view this reaction as rejection. It's her ignorance and anger, not yours. It's her loss. Let it go. Remember, you have no agenda.

More likely, however, women will respond in a positive way - with joy and even amazement at your good manners: They'll smile and soften at the gesture. At this point, you're just acting friendly, and are showing genuine interest in her as a person. Maybe, if you're not in a hurry, she might even want to get to know you.

Rule number two is to Watch for and respect signals. I've met women in a bus stop, in the supermarket, in church, and in any number of places. In all these situations, I made the first approach in some form or another, if no more than a "Hello" with a smile - but always in a polite manner. I always approached slowly, and always observed her reactions to me. In particular, I paid close attention to her body language. Even though the world...

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