My Favorite Chapter of ALL!

Raising a Son......

If I may start by saying, if you have had the privilege of raising...a son or a daughter, they are your most precious and most valuable asset that you will possess in your lifetime. This is my favorite chapter, and I will tell you why.

Although I believe in love, when it comes to raising children, I am just as firm in my belief about the need for logic and discipline.

If a child has a good, solid lesson in love thoughout his upbringing, he'll do well in the outside world. This is especially true if his home environment encompasses warm and good feelings and firm discipline. Always bear in mind the scripture says if you train the child in the way he should go, when he is grown, he will not depart from it. Read about some basic manners even very young children can learn, and be proud that they know.

Allow me a few minutes of your time after you purchase my book to highlight on several loving ways I would raise my son to be respectful and to respect you as his parent(s).

In my book you will find some time-tested and proven stategies that will help you raise a son who will be respected by everyone he meets.

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Gentlemanly yours,
GENE T. REED (Author)

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