A Tribute to my Best Friend!


Vernon Johnson (A real Ladies man)

It's as if I can hear his voice right now -- as Vernon would say "This is where you need to be," showing me that being couteous and gallant, gracious and high minded towards your lady is the act of chivalry. You act graciously, honorably and courteously without expecting to be repaid. This is how Vernon Johnson presented himself to the ladies.

Vernon also taught me to anticipate a lady's needs, and use my imagination when it came to women. This seems lacking today--most men don't think ahead when it comes to making a women feel special.

Vernon (the Ladies man that he is) took my basic attitude of respect for all people that Ma had given me, and built upon it. And it was Vernon who taught me the art of Romance.

many thanks from your friend "GENE T. REED"

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